The NEDCAP will sponsor an essay writing contest for high school students from sixth to eighth standard on energy conservation in connection with the Energy Conservation Week to be celebrated in December, according to a press note from district manager NEDCAP N. Pothanna.

The contest will be held at school, district level and State level and winners at each level would be rewarded. The district level contest will be held at Ravindra Talent School on October 28.

Each school was advised to conduct a contest and select five students to represent their school. The district level winners would get a cash prize of Rs.1,000 for first position and Rs.500 for the second position.

They would also qualify for the State level contest on November 14. The state level prize carries Rs.10,000 for first place, Rs.5,000 for second place and Rs.3,000 for the third place and Rs.2,000 for each of the 10 consolation prizes.

The contesting schools have been advised to send five students after giving them due training in “Energy security through energy conservation”. The schools should intimate the NEDCAP officer before October 27.