Following APERC order, EPDCL has relaxed the restriction and control (R&C) measures imposed on industries.

Prawn hatcheries have been exempted from R&C measures. The new order was issued on Tuesday. According to the order, HT-2 consumers can now utilise permitted demand limit (PDL) of 80 per cent contracted maximum demand (CMD) in both peak and off peak along with permitted consumption limit (PCL) of 50 per cent in peak and 40 per cent in off peak till February 28. HT-1 continuous process industries are permitted 30 per cent PDL during peak instead of 20 per cent.

Hundred per cent contracted demand in both off peak and peak is permitted throughout the month to HT-I, LT-III A and LT-III B to consumers existing on feeders subjected to load relief but with PCL of 600 hours in off peak as per the order.