‘We have not yet been paid for the census work done in February'

The socio-economic caste census (SECC) will take off in the next three days. But enumerators, who participated in population census in February 2011, are least interested in taking part in the exercise again.

The reasons are many. The prime being that they have not been paid for the work they had carried out in February so far. More than 1,600 persons took part in population census in Vijayawada city alone. The funds released by the Central government are lying with the State government.

The enumerators have been making rounds in the corridors of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) for their salary. But, the officials have an answer: “The general strike. The government is likely to release immediately after the strike is called off.” Teachers, anganwadi, and Asha workers, who have been identified for the SECC, were found to be not enthusiastic at the training session.

“Now, the government wants us to take up a similar task again. Officials say the government will pay Rs. 16,000 in four spells to those who participate in the work. But, we are not convinced as the government has not paid us the salary for job done earlier,” the enumerators said on condition of anonymity.

The enumerators recalled that they were paid Rs. 4,050, including Rs. 3,300 salary and Rs. 750 for attending a three-day training session, promptly when the National Population Register (NPR) work was carried out in May 2010. However, there was an inordinate delay with regard to the population census, they added. Some were showing least interest in view of work areas allotted. The Asha and anganwadi workers point out that their actual place of work and residence were far away from the place of duty. The meagre salary to be paid would go towards transport charges.

  • They quote officials as saying that the State will release funds after general strike
  • Some say the amount proposed to be paid is just enough to meet transport expenses