Police Commissioner Amit Garg has asked the management of all the public and private banks to take fool-proof security measures at their respective ATMs and banks in the city for prevention of robberies and offences. Addressing a meeting held with bank officials, Mr. Garg said that all necessary preventive measures should be taken for greater security and safety of customers. Deputy Commissioner of police M. Ravindranath Babu, and nearly 80 officials of various banks were present.

The security system outlined by the commissioner included compulsory posting of a security guard at the ATMs and banks by allotting three guards to work in three shifts there. The CC cameras should be maintained and operated at all ATMs and banks. Enough awareness should be provided to security guards being posted at these places.

Mr. Garg also said that only one account holder should be allowed to go into the ATM at one time for withdrawal of cash. The guards should provide information on suspicious movement of anybody to the police immediately. More attention should be placed on the activities of those customers, who were staying for long time at the banks and ATMs.