After a lull, enrolment of Aadhar cards has gained momentum in the urban and rural areas in the district.

The enrolment had hit a road block since June last year with the district administration deciding to do away with enrolment agencies in urban areas for want of sufficient number of kits.

But now, with the new agencies being entrusted with the work, the district administration plans to complete the work by the end of March. Out of the total number of residents intended to be brought under Aadhar at 48,89,230, 41,00,173 residents have been covered so far.

The percentage of enrolments in urban areas stands at 68.37 per cent as against 91.43 per cent enrolment in rural areas.

“We have intensified the enrolment of Aadhar cards since January and hope to complete the work by the end of March,’’ said District Civil Supplies Officer Raviteja Naik.

In urban areas, 15 centres equipped with 52 kits have been functioning since January and in rural areas, 20 centres equipped with 90 kits have been set in motion.

The enrolments in urban areas has reached 1,89,861 and the balance enrolments to be uploaded stand at 26, 509.

In urban areas, 1,12,342 Aadhar cards have been issued.

In the rural areas, 2,39,988 cumulative enrolments have been completed, out of which 86,553 Aadhar cards have been issued.

Both in urban and rural areas, buildings occupied by Government schools have been chosen.