This refers to the news item, “Telugu language flag unfurled” (The Hindu, Oct 16) Telugu is one of major languages in India. The earliest literature in the language has been lost and Telugu came into its own with Nannayya, who translated part of Mahabharata in the 12th century. A number of translations from Sanskrit followed and in the process, Telugu became highly Sanskritised. The complex life of our times is being reflected in all its facets and the final picture that emerges appears to be quite encouraging.

M. Satyanarayana Rao,


Alliances and Telangana state

Parties are forging alliances but they are sure to differ when it comes to the question of inclusion or exclusion of Hyderabad. Stalwarts who hitherto demanded integration have compromised with their ideal. Divide and rule was the policy of Britishers but it has become the order of the day, thanks to the coalition governments. No region is satisfied as far as development of the area is concerned and so the existence of integrated state is going to be a far cry.

Satyanarayana Pitta,


Separate identity

In case of separate statehood for Telangana leading to a separate identity to Hyderabad, the entire Ranga Reddy district must be treated as Hyderabad, that is inclusive of Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Cyberabad and Ranga Reddy.

Otherwise Ranga Reddy district has to be spilt into Ranga Reddy district East and west.

C.V.K. Mohan Varma,