It was reported in The Hindu some time ago that the government was contemplating issuing an order as per which the contract labour would have to be paid their wages only in the form of cheques instead of cash as stipulated in the Minimum Wages Act. Payment of wages by cheque is not feasible, as most of the contract workers will usually not have bank accounts.

Also, issuing uncrossed cheques pose different problems. I, therefore, suggest that the contract labour be employed as regular ones, but with a slightly less pay scale than those given to regular employees.

This would take care of the problem of payment of wages.

K.B.S. Reddy

Ganapavaram, Guntur district

Pat for ANU

Acharya Nagarjuna University deserves a pat for honouring four eminent persons – Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, veteran actor Anjali Devi, consultant P.G. Sastry and former V-C V. Balamohandas – at its convocation recently.

The convocation proceedings were conducted in a dignified manner.

G. Bapaiah Gupta

Ponnur, Guntur district

Switching loyalties

It is surprising that Gollapalli Surya Rao, who served as Minister for five years in the Rajasekhara Reddy government and switched loyalties to the TDP after ticket was denied to him, has suddenly found that the Congress government had done nothing in the last five years and whatever development had taken place was just a continuation of what was done by the TDP.

It is not just Surya Rao, but many other political turncoats seem to suddenly find all virtues in the party they criticise for long and join at the 11th hour before elections and all vices in the party they leave.

They seem to forget that people take their statements with a pinch of salt and know who to trust.

M.A.V. Arun Kumar

Muggulla, West Godavari district