Emails still hold their own in the age of social media

Pavithra S Rangan
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Pokes, hits, tags and comments are offensive no longer. They are in fact cherished. And those who prefer purer lifestyles sans them are, for today's under-19s, certainly luddites; social media adversaries.

Teenage and childhood life for a colossal number, are viewed through the prisms of the quintessential Facebook and Twitter. New kids in the world of online communications, the social networking sites are à la mode, viral and their patrons run into millions.

Amidst such glamour and noise, their more conservative online counterparts - emails - stand strong, obliterating rumours of them falling prey to the new age likes, shares and comments. While they no longer enjoy the exclusivity of the yesteryears, the ubiquitous and well-understood emails are far from their demise.

Not passé yet

Connections through social media networks are replacing conversations that would have taken place over time-honoured emails. The growth in popularity of technology, and increase in programmes that can interface with social networks have dwindled their traffic, but emails are not passé, yet.

Privacy aspect

“Although I rely lesser on them for day-to-day communication with the penetration of Facebook, emails are what I and my friends use to communicate. The privacy they provide is not matched by social media,” says Shalini, a student of Osmania University.

Beyond the circuit of the youngsters, a vast majority of those in their 20s and beyond are in mood to circumvent emails for communication, be it personal or professional. Even companies and those on the high-tables, irrespective of their age, are on Facebook and Twitter, yet, bulk of the formal communication happens only on emails.

Ease in messaging through Facebook or Twitter, and the likeliness to receive a quicker response are undoubted positives of social media. And burgeoning technologies may, however, be minimising the popularity of emails – smart phones becoming trusted companions of social media being one such.

“Despite being exposed to inane human behaviour and privacy eyebrow-raises that are warranted, Facebook and Twitter are spectacular tools. Memories, friendships and staying in touch, has been made easier than never before.

This makes you want to bear some vexing flaws,” says Anoop, a software employee.

Social networks provide new and interesting communication means to socialise and customise; and emails excel at developing those relationships that are established. Smart communication calls for the use of both.



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