Joint Collector N. Yuvaraj said electronic weighing machines would be introduced in the city on a larger scale for selling accurate quantities of essential commodities and penal action taken against those not complying with the rules. Steps were taken to post the dealers' licenses on line for the sake of transparency.

Addressing the city Food Advisory Committee (FAC) meeting here on Wednesday, Mr. Yuvaraj instructed the officials of Marketing Department to restrict the activities of middlemen in the Rythu bazars where vegetables were to be sold at fair prices.

Several complaints were lodged that petrol was not being sold in the full quantities for which customers paid money. He would pay attention to this matter and see that the people were not cheated.

The Joint Collector said applications for new ration cards would be received during the Racchabanda programme, which is set to begin next month and stringent action was about to be taken on those possessing ration cards illegally.

‘Weigh LPG cylinders'

He also suggested to the people to get the LPG cylinders weighed before taking delivery.

District Civil Supplies Officer A. Krishna Rao, Guntur RDO S. Dhilli Rao, FAC members T. Venkataiah, J. Hymavathi, Ch. Rambabu, and P. Ravindra Yadav were present.