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E-LLR format was developed to increase the number of applicants in a single day

HYDERABAD: The much talked about E-LLR (electronic learner’s licence) testing format, launched by Transport Minister K. Laxminarayana at Khairatabad RTA on February 10, is yet to be made operational fully.

The Transport Department had developed E-LLR testing format in the hope that it would be a better alternative to the existing computerised driving licence format.

Technical snag

Even before the authorities could operate the system in real time situations, the E-LLR system developed technical snags.

The E-LLR format was developed to increase the number of applicants, in a single day, who are seeking the driving license.

This could have helped both RTA and applicants. Presently, candidates have to take the test on individual computers. However, in E-LLR, candidates will be grouped into a batch of 40 each, facilitating more applicants to take the test on any given day.

Questions would be flashed on a giant screen and candidates have to answer the questions by clicking buttons on a hand-held reader. “There seems to be a problem in flashing the questionnaire and a special team from Pune had arrived to fix the problem,” informed an official.

“We are working on to introduce the option of flashing questions in Hindi apart from Telugu and English.

That is the reason for delay in operating the system,” said a senior official.

The E-LLR format was developed with a cost of Rs.6 lakh and was launched as a pilot project at Khairatabad. Based on the response from candidates, there were plans to introduce the system at other RTA offices in the city.