The electricity authorities have requested the people to maintain restraint and cooperate with them in the event of emergency load relief (ELR).

The Transco and SPDCL authorities have stated that there were instances where the people attacked the sub stations and staff on duty. The staff was not responsible for the ELRs, which is a State wide phenomenon. There was a gap of 40 million units (MU) to 50 MU between demand and supply of power in the State. The sudden tripping of power generating stations will up the ante. The consumers need to understand that they were forced to impose the ELR during night times. The ELRs were unavoidable to maintain transmission in proper fashion and save the grid.

AP Transco TL and Circle SE Battula Ramaiah said the ELRs were imposed duly following directions from Load Monitoring Cell, Tirupati (APSPDCL) and Load Dispatch Centre (AP Transco). So, the staff working in the sub stations had no control over the ELRs, he said.

SPDCL Vijayawada Circle SE B. Mohana Krishna said the demand in the district was 11 MU to 11.3MU. However, the supply was between 9.5MU and 9.8MU. On average, a gap of 1.4 mega watts (MW) to 1.5 MW was witnessed, he said.