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Over 20 lakh voters to exercise their franchise

Rajahmaundry: District Collector M. Subrahmanyam, who finalised reservations of MPTC and ZPTCs on the basis of 2001 census, announced on Sunday that out of 58 ZPTC and MPP posts they reserved three ZPTCs for STs (Devipatnam and K. Gangavaram for men and Addateegala for ST women) and seven more MPPs to STs.

Scheduled Castes got 11 ZPTC and MPPs each, while BCs got 20 and 17 respectively. General category candidates would contest for 24 ZPTC and 23 MPPs seats respectively.

Over 20 lakh voters would exercise their franchise in this election. The administration was engaging 20,000 polling staff and 2,268 polling stations would be set up, in which 428 stations would be exclusively for women and 427 for men.