R. Avadhani

SANGAREDDY: English is the language that has been haunting them for long. Though many of them have qualified class X, the moment someone asks them questions in English they freeze, literally. Many of them cannot even spell Hyderabad properly.

This is one of the key issues that worry the training staff at the Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) at District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) imparting training for rural youth in spoken English and behavioural skills. About 50 per cent of the youth who came for training dropped outs in the first one week when the staff insisted on communicating in English.

After months of travail the staff changed teaching methodology. hey focussed on the knowledge of alphabets among students and nothing else to develop confidence in them.

This has resulted in arresting the drop outs.

The rural youth are being trained in spoken English with basic sentences about themselves, their village and educational qualification. In addition, they are encouraged to interact with alumni of the training centre placed in leading companies and stores in Hyderabad and surrounding areas.

“My confidence levels have upped after interacting with the alumni,” says K. Sivakumar, who joined the training programme recently.

“We are organising alumni meet once in a week where the just employed youth interact with those undergoing training. They share their experiences which is building confidence among the rural youth. Even the girls are foreseeing a bright future,” says A. Hameed, in-charge of the EGMM.