Say she humiliated them

The teaching community of the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) have demanded an unconditional apology from the in-charge Vice-Chancellor or else they will continue with their protests.

The teachers in a statement here alleged that the in charge Vice-Chancellor, Amruthavalli humiliated their colleagues when they went to represent to her on certain long pending demands. The president of EFLU Teachers Association (EFLUTA), Tharakeshwar V.B. said that the teachers took out a rally in the university premises and wanted to meet the in charge Vice-Chancellor. However, she refused to meet and when of the EFLUTA members went inside her chambers he was asked to leave the hall without listening to their demands.

Dr. Tharakeshwar said that teachers have been demanding implementation of Career Advancement Scheme that was stopped for the last two years. He said quarters meant for teachers have been given to international students while the students' hostel is kept vacant. Another issue is the constitution of a committee to fix the pay scales.

  • Teachers take out a rally on the university premises
  • Demand Career Advancement Scheme