B. V. S. Bhaskar

Municipal Commissioner visits Tirupati RSC

It makes learning of science a fun-filled experience

Intervention of Chief Minister and MPs from the district urged

Rajahmundry: The National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) has the distinct tradition of exploring new vistas of science communication to reach out to diverse audience, particularly student community. It also constantly tries to introduce new techniques in exhibit presentation, design, display and activities for the public.

It has many Regional Science Centres (RSC) and Sub-Regional Science Centres all over the country. Tirupati is having such RSC and there is an urgent requirement of another Regional Science Centres in Rajahmundry.

The only thing is that the Chief Minister should take initiative to pursue with National Council for Science Museums the need for opening a centre in Rajahmundry. Municipal Commissioner K. Manik Raj has already visited Tirupati Regional Science Centres and gathered information about that centre.

Learning space

Creating learning space, where the visitors have an opportunity to get engaged, interact and experience science has been a constant endeavour of RSCs.

The exhibition galleries use intense interactivity to make understanding and learning of science a joyful and fun-filled experience. As an outcome of this effort electronic gallery portraying the yesterday, today and tomorrow of the world of electronics was inaugurated at Tirunelveli of Tamil Nadu.

‘Urgent need'

A new 3-D theatre was inaugurated and 44 exhibits were developed for the new `Popular Science' gallery at Tirupati in the State. Emerging Technologies, Illusions, Our Senses, Sun, Fun Science, Prehistoric Life Park, Science Park and Herbal Garden, Creative Ability Centre, Library, Auditorium, `Taramandal', Computer Lab, Mobile Science Exhibition and Weather Station are part of this Popular Science City in Tirupati.

“As large number of Corporate and other Educational institutions are increasing in the City, there is an urgent need of having a Regional Science Centre on the lines of Tirupati including latest computer knowledge”-said H. Ravi Sanker, Senior Computer Scientist, CTRI.

Chaganti Sarat Babu, Senior Physics lecturer, said that if government thinks and the Municipal Corporation pushes the idea, there is noting to stop to open Regional Science Centre in Rajahmundry.

He hoped that National Council for Science Museums will automatically give permission with in intervention of Chief Minister, MPs, Central minister and others from the district.