HYDERABAD: Contributing its mite for creating sustainable and healthier environment for future, Nandan Biomatrix Ltd., a company working to promote bio-fuels has launched an eco-initiative ‘Parivartan’ for a greener world.

It kicked of its initiative on the World Environment Day at CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre here on Friday by planting Jatropha saplings, as part of planting one million Jatropha plants in four States of Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.


Nandan Biomatrix Director B.Jaya Kumar said that the 6.77 billion world population had been exploiting natural resources without a thought about their alarming depletion.

With the population set to touch 10 billion by 2050, if rapid deforestation, depletion of natural resources, over dependence on fossil fuels, was not curbed, it would spell doom for the world.

One immediate way is to plant more trees to absorb dangerous level of carbon dioxide, a green house gas. Cultivation of Jatropha to produce bio-fuel would help in reducing fossil fuel dependency, he said. CII member Mahesh K. Desai said that with climate change, global warming, increase of green house gases taking a toll on global environment, individuals and institutions should recognise the need to promote ecologically sustainable technology and business. Dr. Sujatha, Principal Scientist, Directorate of Oil Seeds Research, said the developed world was working to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel.