Centre for Environmental Protection and Culture (CepceIndia), a Hyderabad-based NGO, has planned to fit eco-friendly solar lamps in all 80 Chenchu households at Pecheruvu in Nallamala forest.

Founder member of CepceIndia K. Vamsidhar said the organisation was supplying lithium ion batteries in the place of traditional lead batteries with a view to protect fragile environment in the heart of the forest. The lamps weigh only 100 grams compared to the weight of conventional solar lamps of 2 kg. The lithium batteries last 800 to 1,000 discharge cycles while the first generation batteries last 250. The damage on account of dust was almost nil in the new generation batteries. According to Mr. Vamsidhar, each household would be provided two lamps considering that they burn the lamps for three hours at night and one hour in the early morning. Each household would save 72 litres of kerosene every year and avoid carbon emission. In terms of monitory savings, it was calculated at Rs. 2,100 for a three-year block. The organisation was being supported by Dupont, an MNC, Logic Designers and Engineers without Boundaries.

CepceIndia, an NGO, is planning to fit solar lamps in all

80 Chenchu households to reduce carbon emission