Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: In a gesture that shows that there are still some eco-warriors left in the city who have genuine concern for trees, Ramdev has decided to adopt the huge baobab facing threat of being felled down for Outer Ring Road near Ramoji Film City.

Responding to a news item published in these columns on Thursday, Mr. Ramdev who had saved several such endangered trees in and around the city, said he had already asked a tree transplantation consultant to prepare a report and the estimates. The tree would be ferried to his farm in Chevella and he was prepared to bear the cost working to about Rs. 2.5 lakh.

The consultant, Pradeep Ganu said a lot of care has to be taken and logistics worked out to cull out the 60 tonne tree from its roots and transport it to Chevella. The tree has been given a preliminary round of chemical treatment. Going by his firm’s past record, the baobab’s survival chances are over 90 per cent.