Staff Reporter

ELURU: The Eluru Bar Association on Monday requested the Election Commission of India to de-recognise the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) for its reported activities in contravention of the Constitution.

Association president G. Ronald Raju mailed a petition to the Chief Election Commissioner to this effect. The association alleged that TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who was elected to the Lok Sabha and served as a Union Minister, was ‘working against the Constitution’ by spearheading a movement for separate Telangana in a violent form. It said Mr. Rao was fomenting ill feelings between the regions and leading attacks on Andhra settlers in the Telangana region.

Peace in the State has been shattered due to the violence and selective attacks sponsored by the TRS on Andhra employees, lawyers and the other sections, the association said. The statements by the TRS not to allow the educational institutions floated by Andhra people to run and TV channels, which would not support the separate Telangana demand, to function in the region made it appear that a parallel government was sought to be run by the TRS. Certain acts of the TRS like the attacks on Geetha Arts office owned by producer Allu Aravind and on a film shooting in Hyderabad were quite unacceptable in any civil society, it added.