Earthen pots in high demand this summer in Visakhapatnam

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Earthern pots from the Rajasthan up for sale at the university road in Visakhapatnam on Monday. —
Earthern pots from the Rajasthan up for sale at the university road in Visakhapatnam on Monday. —

Nivedita Ganguly

These pots are priced between Rs.100 and Rs.150

VISAKHAPATNAM: Which is the best drink to beat the heat in summer? Tender coconut, buttermilk, fresh fruit juice or just plain water. There may be a divided opinion on this but people in the city are going all out for the earthen pots to store cool water in the hot season. For, many would agree that an earthen pitcher provides water with a certain fresh and pure aroma that even the world’s latest and costliest refrigerator cannot provide!

‘Poor man’s fridge’

Piles of earthen pots tastefully decorated and skilfully piled up on the Andhra University road are attracting people in hordes. The pots, commonly referred to as the ‘poor man’s fridge’, brought from Bharatpur in Rajasthan are selling like hot cakes this summer.

The demand has never been so high, thanks to the rising temperatures and health awareness among people.

Bharat who brings in the pots from Rajasthan is, no doubt, a happy man. “The entire stock of 700 pots was sold out during the last three weeks. Fresh stocks will be arriving by next week,” he says and adds “there have been umpteen customers from the upper strata who come zooming in their posh four-wheelers to get the pots.” These pots are priced between Rs.100 and Rs.150 depending on the sizes.

Wondering how exactly this clay pot keeps the water so cool? It is simple - the clay pots have numerous pores on the surface through which some water evaporates. The process of evaporation absorbs heat thus keeping the water inside the clay vessel cool.

The water in these pots stays at the perfect temperature - neither too cold, nor too hot. This temperature is healthy for the body and water from the pitcher doesn’t harm the throat.

Besides, people suffering from chronic forms of sinus - who are advised against consuming cold water - can get that feeling of drinking refrigerated water. The pots are also environmental-friendly and recyclable.

Modifying the modest look of the pots with some touch of creativity, the potters have added taps and made them more decorative.



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