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Says PM’s successful trip to US the reason

‘Govt. has totally failed to control terrorism’

Political situation in State completely confusing

VISAKHAPATNAM: BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu opines that the elections to the Lok Sabha may be advanced.

Talking to media persons here on Saturday, he said it was thought of when the Left parties withdrew support to the UPA Government on the issue of civil nuclear pact with the United States. But the UPA allies were against early elections as they wanted to enjoy power till the last minute. Now again, after the successful trip to the US, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh might think of advancing the elections. “But what he does not seem to have realised that it is the Indians and not the Americans who have the voting right here,” he said with sarcasm.

Ready for polls

On the BJP’s part, it was prepared for the elections. The Sankalp Yatras were being held and the Prime Ministerial candidate L. K. Advani was likely to tour Andhra Pradesh towards this month end. “We welcome any early election as the mood of the people is in favour of BJP-led rule at the Centre. The anti-people’s policies of the Government with rising prices, inflation, and terrorist attacks is resented. The Government had totally failed to control terrorism,” he said and pointed out that during the elections held in 16 States, the Congress had lost in 12 while BJP won in eight Sates.

Mr. Naidu felt that the Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh might not like to go to the polls simultaneously with the Parliament elections. The situation in the State was confusing with the ruling party lacking confidence and the opposition parties unable to stay united. “We don’t know who will join whom. In the past, the CPI and CPM joined hands with the Congress to dethrone the Telugu Desam party. Now they are joining the latter in a bid to defeat the Congress. Why did they elect Congress then and now want to sail with the TDP, the Communists need to explain to the people. And a third front is also ruled out,” he noted. He also said that the new political party (Praja Rajyam of actor Chiranjeevi) cannot be dismissed lightly.

Telangana issue

On the separate Telangana issue, he said that the BJP alone could divide the State into two to meet the demand of Telangana and also the need to develop Coastal Andhra.

Former Mayor D.V. Subba Rao, party leaders P.V. Chalapathi Rao, K. Haribabu, city president P.V. Narayana Rao, State secretary Kolli Ratnakumari and others were present.