S. Sandeep Kumar

They complain of more questions on HIV/AIDS rather than road safety

HYDERABAD: An initiative taken up by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) to create awareness against HIV/AIDS among driving licence applicants has ‘boomeranged’ with applicants raising objections to answer the related questions while taking driving licence test.

Apparently, RTA officials have now decided to remove the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) related questions from the driving license test.

Last year, the Transport Department in collaboration with AIDS Control Society framed and included few questions on HIV/AIDS in the driving licence question bank that comprises of 20 questions on road safety.

It is mandatory for every aspirant to answer at least 12 questions correctly out of the 20 jumbled questions to get through the test.

Though the questions were jumbled, aspirants complained of more questions on HIV/AIDS rather than road safety rules. There were instances, when some aspirants had to answer 12 questions on HIV/AIDS out of the 20 questions. It was turning out to be tough for many to answer such questions on AIDS, informed a senior transport official.

But the real problem was the rising number of complaints from women driving licence aspirants over certain AIDS related questions in the questionnaire.

Many raised objections to questions like how many times a condom can be used? Or what are the symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Infections etc, he said.

“With the number of complaints increasing, former Transport Commissioner Poonam Malakondaiah had instructed the officials to reduce HIV/AIDS related questions from the test questionnaire.

As a result, only two simple questions like AIDS and HIV abbreviations were being asked. But soon, all the questions pertaining to AIDS will be removed, says the official.