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The book would be helpful to constables at field level

HYDERABAD: There are directories that give telephone numbers of subscribers and yellow pages books that provide information on where different goods and services are available.

But here is a book that gives rare and very vital information like details of burglars, chain snatchers and attention diversion gangs.

The book titled ‘Know Your Criminals’ was released by the Detective Department (DD) of Hyderabad police on Monday as part of a novel step to check the movement of offenders.

Names, photos

In the first phase, this small diary containing names and photos of offenders, 90 per cent of them convicted in at least one case, is being given to constables of all police stations investigating into property-related crimes. Constables of the Commissioner’s Task Force, Special Branch, mobile patrol teams like Rakshak and Blue Colts and the DD would be given these books.


The higher-ups hope the book would be helpful to constables at the field level.

“If a snatching or robbery is reported, they can immediately start looking for the suspects as the list of offenders is available,” the DD DCP R.S. Praveen Kumar said.

As chain snatching offences are reported everyday, the constables can track suspects using the database.


The book contains details of top 12 offenders in the city, snatchers, house burglary offenders, vehicle lifters, robbers, dacoits, thieves stealing jewellery and cash posing as policemen and pocket pickers.

Two languages

In the second phase, the books would be distributed to home guards, security guards of private agencies, watchmen and street hawkers in all colonies. Copies in Telugu and Urdu languages would be printed.

Mr. Praveen Kumar said that efforts would be made to feed the database with photos into the mobile phones of all the constables.

“These days all constables are using mobile phones and if the instrument is a slightly higher-end model with better storage capacity, the details can be fed into their phones,” he explained.