‘Onus on bringing TDP back to power rests on every one’

Corruption rampant during the Congress rule, NTR Jr. alleges

The actor asserts cash transfer scheme will benefit the poor

VIZIANAGARAM: Star campaigner for the Telugu Desam Party N.T. Rama Rao Junior has appealed to the people not to commit the same mistake that they had done in the 2004 elections.

On the third day of his campaigning in the district on Tuesday, Mr. Junior NTR addressed gatherings at Lakkidam junction, Dharmavaram and S. Kota in Gajapathingaram and S. Kota Assembly constituencies.

Hitting hard at the Congress Government, he said: “Corruption at every level has increased during the present incumbency. Andhra Pradesh has become ‘Avinithi Pradesh’.

“Abhaya hastham of the Congress protected those who grabbed natural resources. Mandu bazaars (liquor market) replaced rythu bazaars; neeru-meeru became beeru-baaru and ‘prajala vaddaku paalana’ became aina vaariki paalana. Congress workers built four or five houses in Hyderabad under Indiramma programme.”

No personal criticism

N. Chandrababu Naidu, TDP president, who worked relentlessly for the uplift of the poor and the downtrodden was voted out, he said, and added that the new cash transfer scheme, would certainly help the poorest of the poor and middle class families. Beginning his speech with Rayaprolu Subba Rao’s Ee desa megina, yendu kalidina, pogadara ni thalli bhoomi bharatini….”, Mr. NTR Junior, at no point, resorted to personal criticism of either the Congress or the Praja Rajyam party leaders.

He concluded his meetings with an appeal to people that TDP was established by a Telugu and hence it is the responsibility of all those who were born in this Telugu gedda to support it.

The onus was on them for electing the TDP in the polls, he added.