Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: Expressing fears of Coastal Corridor meeting the same fate as Tata Nano plant in West Bengal, Minister for Ports and Infrastructure Mopidevi Venkata Ramana has promised good compensation for the lands that are acquired for the project.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the Minister said it was the Opposition that hell bent on stopping this project like Mamata Bannerjee did in West Bengal and appealed to them to not to politicise the Coastal Corridor for the sake of politics.

Best possible compensation package would be extended to the land losers and said that the Ship Building project coming up in Prakasam district would provide 10,000 jobs, he opined.

Official shifted

In a sudden twist of events, Joint Director of Agrculture A. Rajaiah was transferred on Tuesday and asked to report at the Commissionerate at Hyderabad.

The order was faxed to the District Collector’s office on Tuesday evening.

District Rural Development Agency Project Director Ramakrishna Murthy was appointed in-charge J.D.

The J.D has been in the line of fire since the fertilizer shortage crisis began to erupt in the district.

He had been asked to go on leave last month.