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All members to get identity cards

Political parties oppose N-deal, says Sanadi

Rahul’s appointment has sent tremors among political parties: APYC president

VIJAYAWADA: Those interested in important party posts and others looking for avenues to make money need not join the Youth Congress, according to Shakir Sanadi, All India Youth Congress secretary and observer to Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing a meeting of Youth Congress activists held here on Thursday to review the membership drive in Krishna district, Mr. Sanadi said that the primary purpose of the Youth Congress was to support the Congress in its endeavour of developing the country.

Nuclear deal

He argued that the Congress wanted to enter into a nuclear deal with the US to provide inexpensive power to the poor and boost the nation’s economy. But, unfortunately, some political parties in the country were preventing poor people from getting inexpensive power. If inexpensive power was available, industries would develop and youth would get jobs. Some political parties were opposing the deal without any basis, he criticised.

The Youth Congress had enrolled 20 lakh youth as its members when a membership drive was held during T. Venkata Rao’s tenure as president. It was the largest number enrolled in any State. The present State president T.J.R. Sudhakara Babu would be able to exceed that target, Mr. Sanadi expressed confidence.

Membership drive

Mohan Gandhi, Assistant Pradesh Returning Officer (APRO) of the Youth Congress, said leaders from one family had been taking care of the country’s interests from the time of Independence. Nobody could match the sacrifices they made for the country. Rahul Gandhi who belonged to that family had been given the reigns of the Youth Congress and he initiated the membership drive. For the first time, the Youth Congress would give all its members identity cards. The members should use the cards effectively to express themselves at various party forums, he said.

Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress president T.J.R. Sudhakara Babu said that the appointment of Rahul Gandhi as the general secretary of the party had sent tremors through the political land mass in the country. Leaders of the Opposition were quaking in their shoes out of fear. His appointment had shattered even the tiniest of hope they had of being elected back to power in the next elections, he said.

City president Pyla Sominaidu, Youth Congress State general secretary Appasani Sandeep, State leaders Karunakar Naidu, A. Kirankumar Reddy, Usha Rani, Rachael Kumari, district president Akkulla Ramamohana Rao, city president Sarat Babu Yadav and others spoke.