Doctors in the district decided to withdraw their agitation on the demand for unconditional apology from the Minister for Major Irrigation P. Sudarshan Reddy for his alleged derogatory remarks against them, leaving the matter to the Minister's discretion and wisdom.

At a meeting at the IMA hall held with a noted surgeon and the Doctors of Telangana (DoT) convener B. Madhusekhar being in the chair, here on Tuesday, the doctors resolved to render medical services to the needy in view of their suffering and also under humanitarian grounds.

Earlier, there was a difference of opinion among doctors over the continuation of their agitation and a majority of the medical fraternity and also the senior doctors favoured the withdrawal of agitation following the regrets expressed by the Minister. However, they decided to represent different Constitutional authorities on the “utterances” of the Minister.

The DoT district convener and the BJP town president Dr. J. Bapu Reddy said that he was also a political party leader and he had no necessity of learning from other party leaders as regards respecting them. About 100 doctors attended the meeting. Among those who were present included the IMA district president Dr. A. Satyanarayana, Dr. K. Subash, Dr. R. Sreedhar, the DoT district secretary Dr. N. Ramchander, Dr. Nandakumar, Dr. A. Lakshma Reddy, Dr. P. Ram Mohan Rao and Dr. Kavitha Reddy.

The district RMPs' Association president P. Mohan and Medical Labs Association president Linga Reddy also spoke.

Doctors regretted the inconvenience caused to patients due to closure of medical services for a couple of days due to their protest.