Leaders of political parties have appealed to students and youth against resorting to suicide in the struggle for separate Telangana State.

Reacting to suicide committed by MCA student Ishan Reddy, Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu, Information Minister J. Geeta Reddy, CPI State secretary K. Narayana and others advised students to observe restraint as committing suicide would not help in solving the problems.

They conveyed their sympathies to the members of the bereaved family.

Mr. Naidu expressed shock over the death of Eshan and advised students against sacrificing their lives.

In a statement, Dr. Geeta Reddy urged students to struggle for separate Telangana instead of resorting to suicides.

Dr. Narayana questioned as to who would enjoy the benefits of the struggle if youths committed suicide for separate State and said such sacrifices would work against the cause for which they were working.

Educationist and MLC Chukka Ramaiah called upon students and youth to join the mass struggle for Telangana, rather than taking their lives.

APCC president D. Srinivas has issued an appeal to the youth of Telangana to refrain from resorting to harsh acts like suicide.

In a three-page statement here on Saturday, the APCC chief reassured the people that Congress party was committed to creation of Telangana.

Expressing anguish at the death of Eshan and hundred others, he said:

“I stand by my word on statehood. To achieve Telangana, I will use my influence in Delhi and also convince all people across the State, the need to bifurcate the State.”