TRS floor leader in State Assembly E. Rajender said that Minister for Information D.K. Aruna take responsibility if any untoward incident occurred during the ‘Sadak Bandh’ on February 24, in which lakhs of people would sit on National Highway 44 from Thimmapoor to Alampoor for 24 hours.

Addressing series of roadside meetings at Thimmapoor, Kothoor, Shadnagar, Balanagar, Jadcharla, Bhootpoor, Addakal, Kothakota, Pebbair, Yerravelli cross roads and Alampoor cross roads on Wednesday as part of a bus yatra to mobilise people for ‘Sadak Bandh’, Etala Rajender said that the people of the district would assemble in lakhs on February 24 to register their protest against the inordinate delay in taking a favourable decision to create Telangana State.

‘Democratic protest’

“The police and government should understand and respect the feelings of Telangana people and their anguish and let them protest in a democratic way,” he added.

He said that the people of Telangana were resorting to agitations such as the ‘Sadak Bandh’ only due to the indifferent attitude of the Central government and Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy. Mr. Rajender said that D.K. Aruna was overtly pretending to strive hard for a separate Telangana State, but covertly was lobbying against it.

He alleged that D.K. Aruna had gone to Delhi to submit the progress report of Kiran Kumar Reddy and urge the Congress high command to continue him as the Chief Minister.

TRS MLA T. Harishwar Rao said that registering cases of bind-over would not deter them from undertaking ‘Sadak Bandh’. He appealed to the people to bring their vehicles, tractors onto National Highway 44 to disrupt vehicular traffic for 24 hours on February 24.

He accused Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy for trying to water down the Telangana movement. Another MLA of TRS, Yenugu Ravinder Reddy, said that the people of the district should turn up in lakhs for the ‘Sadak Bandh’ and wipe out the blame that the Telangana movement was weak in south Telangana.

TRS MLA Jupally Krishna Rao, TRS polit bureau member A.P. Jitender Reddy and other too spoke.