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Committees to be formed to prepare draft development plan

  • Committee should also formulate draft five-year plans
  • April 3 is the last date for withdrawals

    VISAKHAPATNAM: Election will be held to the District Planning Committee on April 7. The process of filing nominations begins on Thursday.

    The State Government has decided to form the committees as constitutionally mandated for consolidation of plans of panchayats, mandal parishads and municipalities and prepare draft development plan for the district.

    Separate constituencies

    While preparing the draft plan, the committee should consider matters of common interest between panchayats and municipalities including spatial planning, sharing of water and other physical and natural resources, integrated development of infrastructure and environmental conservation.

    The electoral college consists of two separate constituencies - the urban and the rural. Corporators of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and councillors of Anakapalle and Bhimili municipalities constitute the urban constituency and the zilla parishad territorial constituency members, the rural constituency.

    The Visakhapatnam District Planning Committee will have 30 members, 24 of them to be elected. The Zilla Parishad chairperson is the ex-officio chairman of the committee and the District Collector the member-secretary. Four members will be nominated of which one will be from minorities and three subject experts.

    Of the 24 members in the district, 10 are from the urban constituency and 14 from the rural.

    Due reservation has been made for scheduled castes, tribes, women and backward classes.

    The 134 voters in the urban constituency will elect 10 members and the 39 ZPTC members who comprise the rural constituency will elect 14 members.

    According to Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer P. Rama Rao, the consolidated plan of local and civic bodies for a financial year would be sent to the State Government for incorporation in the State plan.

    The committee should also formulate draft five-year plans. In future, funds earmarked by the Central Government would be released directly to them, he said.

    Poll schedule

    Final voters' list for DPC election was published on March 26. The nominations will be scrutinised on March 31.

    April 3 is the last date for withdrawals and polling, counting of votes and declaration of results will be taken up on April 7.