The Annapurna International School for Film + Media (AISFM) on Friday announced that it had joined Canada’s Ryerson University in a Global Campus Network.

The highlight of an interaction between students and faculty in the show was an interview with Deepa Mehta on ‘Midnight’s Children’.

An AISFM release said it represented the Indian media industry in Global City Project (GCP), a live, studio-based television show created by Ryerson University, Toronto. Other schools who participated were Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, and Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Live show

An AISFM faculty member Padma Kasturirangan said GCP was a live show streamed over the Internet, while normally co-hosting a show like this from different locations around the globe would happen via satellite.

Students taking different short and long-duration courses at AISFM gave expression to their enthusiasm at the live interaction. “We spoke about the film and documentary-making industry in different countries and how they reflect culture. The interaction with Deepa Mehta in Canada on her recent release was interesting, apart from other live and recorded interviews of celebrities, not to forget a capsule on Bollywood dance,” said Pradeep. N.

Third global project

Chris Higgins, AISFM’s vice-president, admissions & marketing, said it was the third international project in 2013 and added that the benefits students gained was clear to all concerned to see.

The school represents Indian media industry in Global City Project