Consequent to the lifting of ban on the consumption and sale of liquor, there has been a steep increase in the number of wine shops and belt shops across the State. There are several complaints against the functioning of the Prohibition and Excise Department, which is reportedly not following norms while issuing permissions to open wine shops. With an increase in the liquor consumption, the need for containers, tumblers and other disposable items is increasing in liquor shops to serve liquor to customers. As matters stand at present, the users are throwing the used material away very freely on roads. Rag pickers are collecting this discarded material quickly for resale . The authorities concerned should take steps for proper disposal of the discarded material.

I.Subhash Samuel

Ulavapadu, Prakasam district

Repair ambulance

Of the two ambulances attached to the Government Hospital in Nellore, one is not being used. Enquiries revealed that the ambulance is under repair.

We don’t know whether the administrative reasons or other constraints like finance and approval contribute to the delay in taking up repairs to the ambulance.

But, people are facing a lot of inconvenience due to the non-availability of the ambulance.

I request the authorities concerned to take necessary steps to take up repairs to the ambulance and make it useful to large number of public.

K. Sujatha Rao

Kavali, Nellore district

Resolve teachers’ issues

It looks like there is no end to the problems of teachers who are working in the State Government, as there are several cases pending before the Supreme Court and the High Court.

The High Court recently gave a judgment in a case relating to qualification of special grade teachers. The court favoured the appointment of D.Ed. candidates in primary schools rather than the B.Ed. candidates.

It is quite natural that the aggrieved party will approach the Apex court, leading to further delay in giving the notification for DSC-2008. Can the State Government take initiative to resolve the deadlock?

Y. Pratapa Reddy

Tiruvuru, Krishna district

Ensure protection of temple lands

It is highly commendable that the Endowments Department, of late, has initiated ‘Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam’ scheme’ under which the Government provides a financial assistance of Rs. 2,500 per month to 2,000 temples across the State, which are not self-sufficient.

There are about 32,000 temples in the State, of which only about 200 temples are self-sufficient to conduct daily rituals.

It may be noted that thousands of acres of land donated by philanthropists to various temples is now not in the possession of the respective temple administrations. It is high time that the State Government conducts a survey and ensure protection to lands belonging to the temples.

V.K. Bhaskara Rao

Chirala, Prakasam district