On the occasion of world Women's Day, Disha, a non-governmental organisation, conducted an awareness programme at Baluthanda, a Tribal hamlet located 20 km from here.

Disha founder and teacher V. Gurunadha Rao said empowerment of tribal women would help play a vital role in the nation's development and this could be achieved only through women education. Tribal women like any other social group, constitute about half of the total population and they like women in all social groups, were illiterate than men.

Despite several economic, political and social changes, women lagged behind.

One of the most unflattering statistics concerning India's girl child shows that the preference for a male child runs across rich as well as poor households, educated as well as illiterate families. Widespread use of modern technology, a joint failure of medical ethics and failure to shed concept of a male heir had pushed female foeticide to high proportions.

Female foeticide

Female foeticide was just one side of the vast anti-women behavioural range in India. “The tragedy is that even women, who have the choice, opt for a male child. They feel that only with a birth of a son, they will achieve higher status,” he remarked.

Former sarpanch B Mallamma, T V Ramnarsaiah and 50 tribal women and girls attended the awareness programme.