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Hyderabad: The twin cities is now home to ‘Add Animations’, a Bangalore-based digital filmmaking institute that was inaugurated by Hyderabad Collector, Navin Mittal here on Tuesday.

Equipped with world class facilities, the institute offers two diploma courses in Digital Film Making of 12 months and 18 months respectively. Students will be taught all aspects of making a digital movie right from anatomy drawing to character designing and layouts and software such as 3Ds Max, Motion Builder and ZBrush,

“Students will get hands on experience with pre and post production aspects of film making. Moreover, they would be taught to use high-end multimedia software such as Shake, Combustion and Motion Builder to name a few,” says chairman and managing director of Add Animations, Aneesh Shenoy.

Live projects

Students would also have a chance to work on live projects and as intern in a production company.

For more course information can be collected by calling 040-4004 5557, 4004 5574.