The five-member Srikrishna Committee has expressed satisfaction for having completed the task “competently and professionally in a most desirable manner and in making the report as exhaustive as possible within the given timeframe”.

The report said that when it began its work, the challenging first task before it was the approach and methodology to fulfil the mandate given to it - enquire comprehensively various aspects of the demands for a separate Telangana and maintaining present status of united Andhra Pradesh.

After exhaustive internal discussions, the Committee decided to adopt a participatory and consultative approach, keeping in mid the terms of reference.

As part of this approach, the Committee invited views and suggestions from members of public as well as stakeholders through a public notice in print media.

It went on to hold consultations with various political parties and other identified groups, commissioned analytical and empirical studies on complex and vital issues through subject matter experts as well as academic and research institutions of repute.

The studies were commissioned as “some highly complex and technical subjects having bearing on the mandate were involved”.

The Committee acknowledged that the wide ranging consultation approach followed by it proved to be great source of information and afforded very useful insights into the issues involved.