Findings of Sanofi SITE (Screening India's Twin Epidemic) study present a bleak health scenario

A study on the twin ailments, diabetes and hypertension, conducted by Aventis Pharma Limited, Sanofi Group, on 1,900 patients in the capital, Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada has revealed startling data. Dubbed as Sanofi SITE (Screening India's Twin Epidemic) study, the results indicate that diabetes and hypertension are fast becoming twin epidemics in the State.

“24 per cent of the patients surveyed in the State have both diabetes and hypertension. And 43 per cent of diabetes and 34 per cent of hypertension patients have a positive family history. This apart, 35 per cent of diabetics have kidney ailments. 63 per cent of the surveyed suffer from diabetes, hypertension or both,” were the key findings of the Sanofi SITE study.

“Andhra Pradesh results are shocking and reveals that hypertension and diabetes are indeed becoming twin epidemics in the State with 24 per cent of the surveyed having both these ailments. Even among the diabetics who are under treatment, 74 per cent have uncontrolled diabetes. There is a need for regular testing and spreading awareness on treatment,” says Consultant Endocrinologist, Care Hospital, Dr. Bipin K. Sethi, who is the State coordinator for the nationwide Sanofi SITE study.

The study also has disclosed that in 9 per cent of the newly diagnosed cases, patients did not know that they had diabetes.

“Among hypertensive patients, 83 per cent did not have their condition under control.

The data further reveals that 26 per cent of the hypertension patients suffer from kidney complications.

There is a need for making public aware about these ailments,” explains Senior Consultant Cardiologist, KIMS Hospital, Dr. V. Dayasagar Rao, another coordinator for the study. The study was commissioned by Sanofi India to understand the management and level of control of diabetes and hypertension in the country.