Except for names, TTD has no information on those who donated over 11 kg gold

Details pertaining to donors who munificently contributed several kilograms of gold to the much-hyped ‘Ananda Nilayam-Anantha Swarnamayam' project have gone missing giving a rude shock to the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) management – the sole custodian of the Tirumala temple.

The TTD which took up the prestigious ‘Ananda Nilayam-Anantha Swarnamayam' project with an aim to take up gold panelling the entire sanctum sanctorum of the hill temple of Lord Venkateswara nevertheless had to drop the project midway following a High Court directive.

The court observed that the project was taken up in a hurry and in a ‘whimsical manner', unmindful of the religious sentiments involved. The court also took into consideration a report submitted by the Archaeological Survey of India which said that gold plating would damage the inscriptions and the structure in the long run.

95 kg received

But by the time the High Court had delivered its orders the TTD had already received over 95 kg of gold besides a sizeable cash donation of over Rs. 12 crore for the purchase of the gold required for the project.

Initially it was estimated that nearly 200 kg of gold was required for the project.


The TTD which was in a fix as to what to do with the received donations finally resolved to write letters to the donors seeking their opinion regarding the issue and provided them with three options. First - to give back the gold and cash to the donors if they desired so, second to reserve it for future needs of the temple and third to deposit the donations with the State Bank of India with which it had already inked a pact for a ‘Gold Deposit' scheme with the consent of the donors.

It is at this juncture that while despatching letters to the donors, the TTD authorities to their dismay found that details of the donors who had donated over 11 kg gold were missing. The gold reportedly was received by the then TTD Chairman D.K.Adikesavulu. But for the names of the donors no other details of the parties were said to have been furnished.

Caught at the crossroads, the TTD left with no other option, wrote a letter to Mr. Adikesavulu requesting him to furnish the details of the donors so as to send them the letter of ‘opinion' as had been decided by the management.

Whether the TTD succeeds in its attempts in securing details of the donors and tide over the present crisis or not remains the million dollar question.

  • Donations were made by devotees for gold panelling of the entire sanctum sanctorum
  • Gold donations were reportedly received by then TTD Chairman D.K.Adikesavulu