Have the courage to live. Anyone can die. While most buckle under slightest pressure, here is a boy who is prepared to face the challenges of life with just one hand and no legs. Surely it takes a lot of nerve and pluck. And Shaik Attaullah has it in abundance.

Attaullah, 15, lost his right hand and lower limbs in a freak fire mishap when he was just seven years. Like any other kid he was playing with abandon when his kite got stuck in a tree.

Attaullah took an iron rod lying on his house terrace to retrieve the kite little knowing the danger he was exposing himself to. He took the full blast of the HT wires passing under the tree. “His right hand burnt like a candle immediately”, recalls his father, Shaik Zakaullah in a trembling voice.

Doctors at the Gandhi Hospital, where the boy was treated, later amputated both his legs to save his life. In the last seven years both Attaullah and his parents have suffered a lot but have not given up hopes. The boy’s determination to face the challenge is what gave them courage. Fortune favours the brave. Though down with a severe disability, Attaullah doesn’t want it to come in the way of his studies. Intelligent and hardworking, he passed the SSC examination this year with flying colours. He scored 90 percent marks, something many well bodied kids fail to accomplish. Now he is pursuing Intermediate first year at Loyola Academy in old Alwal. Of course he has learnt to do everything with his left hand. Attaullah’s zest for life is amazing. He comes across as a person who doesn’t want to settle for less in life. He wants to become a civil servant – nothing less. “With just one hand I can’t be an engineer or a doctor. Therefore I want to be a civil servant and serve the society”, says Attaullah. He is aware of the hard work required to crack IAS and is ready for it. His father deserves all the credit for carrying him to the college and back, a distance of 5 km from his house in Chintal in Jeedimetla.