Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The Official Languages Commission has circulated a fourth reminder to all Government Departments asking them to use Telugu in all their correspondences and proposals, including draft Bills and amendments to existing Acts.

In the reminder, the commission chairman A. B. K. Prasad regretted that departments have not started using Telugu in spite of three earlier reminders, necessitating a fourth one. He wondered as to why the heads of the departments are hesitating in this respect. He said, the Commission would come to their rescue, if they faced any difficulty in implementing Telugu as the first official language.

'Nil implementation'

During inspections in six districts, the Commission found "nil implementation of Telugu in offices despite a 40-year old law making the same mandatory for them," the reminder said. "If the trend continues, the very identity of the Telugus will be in jeopardy," it added.