Justice Raja Elango of the High Court on Thursday refused to grant bail to the prime accused in a case pertaining to case wherein 19 people died after allegedly consuming illicit liquor in East Godavari district in January 2010.

The judge was dealing with the petition filed seeking bail for P. Ramakrishna and five other accused who contended that they were innocent and had been falsely implicated. The judge made it clear that the petition seeking bail for Ramakrishna and three others is being dismissed. However, Ramakrishna's wife and his servant were directed to be released on bail after executing sureties.

Arms licenses

Justice C. V. Nagarjuna Reddy said it's time for the State government to review its policy regarding granting arms licenses and armed security for individuals with a criminal background. The Judge was dealing with writ petition filed by A.V. Subba Reddy, allegedly a faction leader in Kurnool district, who complained that the authorities are not providing him a gunman though there was a threat to his life. Justice Nagarjuna Reddy pointed out that providing armed security to persons with criminal background violates the right to life of the public as they face constant threat from such persons. Mere acquittal of a person in a criminal case will not turn him into a saint, the judge observed.