Staff Reporter

More professional institutions sought

ADILABAD: The demand from local people for a university to be established at Adilabad has come rather late in the day. Yet, it has succeeded in bringing the educational scenario here into sharp focus.

The number of junior colleges in the district has gone up steeply in the recent few years.

There is an ever increasing demand for seats in higher and professional educational institutions. Until some 15 years ago there were only four Degree colleges in the district, one each being at Adilabad, Nirmal, Kagaznagar and Mancherial. There are three engineering colleges one each at Adilabad, Nirmal and Mancherial and 18 Degree colleges which provide scope for students for higher education.

Besides, there are two PG centres at Adilabad and Nirmal towns. One dental college was sanctioned about six years ago and part of the building was also constructed by the management at Batti Sawargaon village near Adilabad town.

However, the management of the VIF Dental College decided against setting up the dental college. There are rumours that the Jatipita Engineering College at Adilabad would be shifted to Hyderabad.