Gond students vow to promote their language, culture

Students and youth belonging to the Gond tribe took an oath to protect Gondi language and culture at the Gondi Language Day celebrations at Marlavai village in Jainoor mandal on Thursday. A demand for establishment of a tribal university at Utnoor in Adilabad district or a Centre of Excellence in Gondi was also raised at the celebrations.

After discovery of the 150-year-old manuscripts in Gondi script, the celebration in question was a major step towards retrieving the lost status of the ancient language. Among those who attended the celebrations were Gondi Lipi Adhyayana Vedika president and former Director of the AP State Oriental Manuscripts Library, Professor Jayadheer Tirumal Rao, president of the Telangana Rachayitala Vedika, Juloori Gourishankar, its district general secretary Gopagani Ravinder and tribal writer Mesram Manohar.

Later, at a press conference, Professor Tirumal Rao said Gondi was a downtrodden language evident from the fact that it is on the brink of extinction.

Its revival is also a matter of self respect for the eight crore Gonds living in six states in the country, he added.

Mr. Manohar also demanded establishment of a Gondi Centre of Excellence.

  • Celebrate Gondi Language Day in Marlavai village

  • A Gondi Centre of Excellence was also demanded