President of Rayalaseema Rashtra Samithi (RRS) K. Venkata Subba Reddy urged the Central government to create a separate Rayalaseema State with 11 districts along with Telangana.

Talking to reporters here on Thursday, he said Rayalaseema was constituted with 11 districts in the past.

However, after formation of a united Andhra Pradesh, parts of the region were merged with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

He said the Ministers from Rayalaseema should fight for the region and sacrifice their positions for the sake of Rayalaseema and not for unified Andhra Pradesh, which was no longer relevant.

He said the leaders should understand the feelings of the people and retain the cultural distinctiveness of the region.

Meanwhile, founder of Rayalaseema Janata Party, K. Satyanarayana Gupta, urged the Congress party to create a separate Rayalaseema State according to the wishes of the people.