It was literally a “face-off” for 60-year-old Chalasani Pundarikakshudu, a small farmer from Venkatadripuram of Nuzvid mandal in Krishna district. His family members lost all hope on his recovery from an accident that occurred in his agricultural field, but the doctors at the Time Hospitals here gave a new lease of life to him by conducting a difficult surgery on his face.

All the skin and muscle on the right side of his face was ripped off by a winnowing fan. He lost his entire nose and right cheek in the accident. A team of doctors worked for several hours to graft skin and tissue to cover the shredded muscle and naked bone. They literally created a new face for him.

The team of doctors at the Time Hospital took a risky decision and went ahead with the surgical procedure that involved expert anaesthetics, orthopaedic, neuro, maxillo facial and critical care aspects. After a seven-hour long operation, the doctors could reconstruct the sliced portion of Mr. Pundarikakshudu's face.

Plastic surgeon A. R. Ch. Mohan, neuro-surgeon Puvvada Ramakrishna, maxillo facial surgeon Sekhar, orthopaedic surgeon Kiran Reddy, anaesthesia and critical care specialist Soujanya and other team members conducted the operation. Administering anaesthesia, which is in the form of a gas, was a big challenge that was surmounted.

Time Hospital pulmonologist Dr. Anil said that the management accepted the case of Mr. Pundarikakshudu and provided concession to him considering his financial state before going ahead with the surgery, which cost the patient just Rs. 1.5 lakh.