Surgeons of Manipal Hospital at Tadepalli near here were able to restore movement in the lower limbs of a six-year-old girl after performing a very delicate spinal surgery and bone graft on her.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, the hospital's neuro-surgeon Arun and paediatric surgeon K. Ravikumar said that the girl, Kavya, was brought to the hospital with her lower limbs paralysed on August 20.

Diagnostic investigations showed that the cause of paralysis was the damage caused by bone T.B. to three of her thoracic vertebrae. Surgery was performed and the condition of the child improved. The child was discharged with instructions to report after three months for a checkup.

But, unfortunately, the day the child was brought back her condition had deteriorated and another surgery was needed. It was found that thoracic vertebrae 3 to 5 had become dislodged and were pressing on the spinal cord causing the paralysis.

In the second surgery, custom-made equipment had to be used because the patient was a child. Making a graft with a bone taken from the child's ribs, the backbone was kept in place with screws, the doctor said.

The child showed tremendous recovery after the second surgical intervention. At this rate of recovery the child will be able to walk again, the surgeons said.