Doctors at Manipal hospitals achieved yet another feat by performing a rare cardiac surgery “Median Sternotomy” and saving the life of an 11-year old boy.

Satish, a seventh class student, always had a problem of breathing and showed signs of low cardiac output, both of which are associated with severe Pulmonary Artery Hypertension.

He was denied admission in various hospitals because of the risk involved, but the doctors at Manipal took him in under the Arogyasri scheme.

After a detailed examination of the patient and investigations such as cardiac catheterisation and 256 slice cardiac CT scan, the doctors decided to do a single stage repair through ‘Median Sternotomy’ to correct the anomalies.

“The process was a complex one as one of the heart valves was closed”, said surgeon Sunil Basavaraj. Normally we perform one surgery, let the patient recover for two to three months then perform the second one, but in this case we needed to do both the surgeries at a time, he said.

The procedure known as “Extra Anatomic repair of Coarctation with Mitral Valve Replacement” lasted for about five hours.

An alternative pathway was created for blood flow and the Mitral Valve was replaced with a metallic valve.

Speaking on the successful recovery of the patient, unit head G. Ravi Kiran expressed his pride at the doctors who performed the surgery.

“I am happy to see that surgery and post-operative care went off well and the patient got discharged healthy”, he said.

Manipal Hospitals always strived to give quality care with successful outcome by following complete ethical practices, he added.