With rains abating, Deepavali, the festival to mark the victory of good over evil, was celebrated with traditional enthusiasm in Ongole and other parts of Prakasam district on Wednesday.

Cracker shops did brisk business as people thronged the shops at the PVR Boys High School grounds and other places to buy items of their choice.

Young and old people, wearing new clothes, lighted the fireworks. Women along with children joined the men in the revelry, lighting flower pots and other cracker varieties.

Women decorated their houses with flowers and rangoli.

They lit up rows of lamps in-front of their houses to celebrate the festival of lights to mark the killing of the demon king ‘Narakasura' by Lord Krishna. They exchanged mouth-watering sweets with friends and relatives on the occasion.

A special “Dhana pooja” was performed by priests led by M. Srirama Sarma to goddess Mahalakshmi for devotees' health, wealth and prosperity at the Santhapet Veranjenayaswamy temple here on the occasion.

One crore oil lamps were lit at Lord Shiva temple as part of the month-long celebrations during the auspicious Karthika masam.