Ending weeks of stalemate, the debate on the draft A.P. Reorganisation Bill 2013 finally began in the Assembly on Wednesday after the Government and the main Opposition, Telugu Desam, agreed on it, much to the chagrin of the protesting YSR Congress. Initiating the debate on behalf of the Government, Tourism Minister Vatti Vasanh Kumar described the draft Bill as “`undemocratic,’’ ``unconstitutional’’ and forwarded to the Assembly in a manner that damaged the federal spirit.

The proposed legislation had several features that were against established procedures and conventions and it was brought about against the wishes of the Seemandhra people. They were “harmful’’ to the interests of all regions and were likely to cause irreparable loss to all sectors if it was approved in its present form. Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayan Reddy made an appeal to all parties to cooperate in the smooth conduct of the proceedings. Mr. Reddy assured TDP members, who joined YSRC MLAs in slogan-shouting, that the information they sought about various aspects of the Bill would be sent to their office soon. On Mr. Reddy’s assurance, the TD members relented.