Staff Reporter

`The protest is more against US imperialism'

HYDERABAD: Leaders of eight Left parties on Thursday voiced their protest against the judgment of the Iraqi court handing out death sentence to former President Saddam Hussein and said it tantamounts to murdering democracy.

CPI Secretary K. Narayana and CPI (M) Secretary B. Raghavulu said that although the Left parties did not consider Mr. Hussein a democrat, their protest was directed against US imperialism, which, they said, resulted in smaller nations being subjugated to American interests. Mr. Narayana said that the US had gone all-out against Osama Bin Laden only after 9/11, while he was being patronised all through, earlier. The CPI leader regretted that despite having the largest population after China and being the largest democracy , India was unable to spell out its stand.

Mr. Raghavulu alleged that US President George W Bush had lied to his countrymen and thrust a war against Iraq on Americans. Why did Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld resign ?, he asked, adding that Mr. Rumsfeld was as guilty as Mr. Hussein of torturing and killing people. In that case, why was he simply let off by being asked to resign?