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Serve lunch to community children

VIJAYAWADA: Breaking from the monotony of serving food to people with a trademark smile eternally perched on their lips, culinarians in the city hogged the limelight on Monday. It was International Chef’s Day and those in the profession marked the special occasion by saluting their profession and creating awareness on how chefs across the world have set remarkable industry standards for the art of cooking.

Budding chefs of CMTES Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, located at Governorpet, took the lead by serving a sumptuous lunch to community children, close to 100 in number.

Spreading awareness

In the morning, addressing students of the institute, head chef of Hotel Fortune Murali Park Sachin Talwar pointed out that the celebration of the day began in 2004. He underscored the need for chefs to stretch beyond just serving their customers. “The culinarians have a bigger role to play in spreading awareness about the nutritive value, hygiene and other safety measures as far as food is concerned,” he maintained. Since ‘cuisine’ was an important ingredient of the content in both print and electronic media, chefs had become much sought-after celebrities sharing with the public new and innovative cuisines of the world, he pointed out.

Coping with an action-packed schedule, the students had barely any time after the rally and rushed to the kitchen to cook a special lunch for their ‘rare guests’. “We want to celebrate the occasion in a different way. Feeding these children, many of whom are said to be orphans, gives us a sense of satisfaction,” said V. Chankrapani Rao, the campus in-charge of the institute.

A team of 60-odd students volunteered to carry the giant-size pots and containers to the ‘night shelter’ run by Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, a local non-governmental organisation. The tantalising aroma of biryani wafting from the cooking pots was enough to send the children scurrying to their places where plates full of chicken biryani, kurma and raaitha landed before them in minutes.

More than enjoying the food, the children were touched by the thoughtful gesture of the students. For, they felt reassured that there are people who do care for them and that they are not on their own.